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Pastor’s Pen for May, 2016

Pastor's Pen

Hosea 6:3 “Let’s do our best to know the Lord.  His coming is as certain as the morning sun; he will refresh us like rain renewing the earth in the springtime.” (CEV) I think that springtime has indeed arrived.  I’ve seen flowers pushing their way up through the earth, worms on the sidewalk during the rain, robins hunting those worms in my back yard, grass that is greening, geese and ducks, and vernal ponds temporarily full of life.  The earth is being renewed after a long rest during the winter.  I think that the same can be said of our church. We all agreed that we needed a winter, a time of rest.  Now we see spring emerging.  The service that we held to honor veterans, especially those from the Vietnam Era, brought many tears of compassion to the eyes of people who were present.  We were able to share together and listen to words of turmoil and hope.  A week later I watched Doris, Irene, Phyllis and Tony perform an impromptu quartet rendition of “I Believe” while Doris played the accordion.  During both of these occasions I was reminded of how much love there is in our church.  Watching the joy on their faces as they sang, made my soul feel renewed just like the rain renewing the earth in the springtime.  Hosea reminded us to “do our best to know the Lord.”  In recent weeks we have been imagining a life of perfection with the Lord and examining what we believe as individuals. During our Bible study times (Tuesday evenings at 6:30 in the Lighthouse) we often share what we believe and what we can imagine.  During these studies, we look at the readings for the week ahead and talk about what they mean to us.  For some, it helps to give more meaning to the message that is shared on Sunday morning.  I  invite anyone who would like to join us to attend.  Each week is different so you don’t have to worry if you haven’t been before. As we move forward on a path of discovery for our church we will keep Hosea’s words in mind.  We will do our best to know the Lord because we know that His coming is as certain as the morning sun. My the Lord’s light shine on us as push up through the soil and bloom reveling in the brightness of His love!  Spring has sprung. In Peace, -- Sunnie