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Pastor’s Pen for March, 2016

7 Light is sweet, and it pleases the eyes to see the sun.  8 However many years anyone may live, let them enjoy them all.  But let them remember the days of darkness, for there will be many.” Ecclesiastes 11: 7-8 (NIV) The Lent Bible study is focusing on different aspects of light and how it affects our faith journey. Some of us have been feeling the effects of the long nights during the winter.  As the days begin to lengthen we start to feel relief.  Hope is renewed and we look forward to spending more and more time outside.  We see the lights that God created: the sun, the moon, and the stars.  We see the lights that God gave us the capability to create: the lights in our homes, or the lights of a town or a city viewed from a distance.  Seeing light gives us hope and security as we move throughout our lives. But there will always be times of darkness as well.  If we never have darkness, it can be difficult to rest or appreciate the light.  We can become irritable and restless.  It can be during times of darkness that we learn most to rely on our Lord.  We can choose to move about in the darkness on our own and bump into obstacles and trip and fall on things unseen or we can choose to fully rely on the Holy Spirit to guide our steps.  The darkness brings opportunities to grow.  Experiencing the times of darkness and remembering what we have gained is very important as we move back into the light again. Sometimes the transition back into the light can be temporarily unsettling.  The light seems too bright and makes it difficult to see.  Jesus is very patient with us during those times.  He waits for our eyes to adjust.  He never forces himself on us.  He shows us the way and waits for us to open our eyes slowly and follow His path.  During these weeks leading up to Easter, we will indeed be following Jesus’ path through some very dark times that are filled with lessons of light.  On Easter we will rejoice and celebrate the true coming of Light into the world.  Let us all take time to reflect as we follow Jesus in His journey! With the Love of the Risen Savior, Sunnie