Christmas Eve Services

coverThere will be a 4:00 service on Christmas Eve. We will light the Advent Candle. We will sing Carols. We will hear the Christmas Story and use a manger scene to tell it. We call it a Family Service. But if you like a lessons and carols and few candles, you will like this service at any age. We hope you will join and see what our new Minister will do.   There will also be a 7:00 service on Christmas Eve. do you see cover This one is filled with music from our choir, the lighting of our Advent Wreath, a retelling of the Christmas story, and a brief message from the Minister about how any of this might be important. He says it will be brief. And he has been pretty good, so we are inclined to believe him. We will also receive an offering. We will use this in the coming year when there are needs in the Sharon Community that we can help with. We like to think that most of what we do helps Sharon, but here we are talking about direct aid to people. Advent wreath IMG_21006We will also be having a service at 9:30 in the morning. This is actually our regular Sunday service. It just happens that it is on Christmas Eve Day and so is technically a service on Christmas Eve. Kinda. Please join for this too if you would like. We will sing some Carols, light the Advent Candle of Love, and other churchie stuff. And coffee hour. Which is usually pretty good. And some good people. And it would be good if you were there too.    

Sharon Congregational Church United Church of Christ P.O. Box 42 Sharon, VT 05065 (802) 763-2007 The church is on the corner of Route 14 and Route 132 Church services are held at 9:30 a.m. Sunday mornings We are an open and affirming congregation.

Pastor - Reverend Mark Pitton Sexton – Leon Sheldon Church Secretary – Alice McDonald Organists – Phyllis Potter & Cheryl Foote Webmaster – Alice McDonald Photos by Alice McDonald and Rev. Marjorie MacNeill.